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Sizing Guide


Noosa artisan sizing guide


At Noosa Artisan we really take great care and pride to have your ring fit you like a glove. Whether you're buying a ring as a gift or want to know your ring size , our helpful ring size guide will ensure you find the perfect fit. 


Please take the time and choose one method below to find out your perfect RING size. Your ORDER size will be in U.S.

When measuring your ring size there are a few things to be aware of:

  • Firstly, your fingers will change size sightly throughout the day. Physical activity , and temperature all have an effect.
  • You shouldn't measure your ring size whilst your hands are cold, as they can be up to half a size smaller.
  • Generally living in the southern States of Australia you will have less possibility of swelling than if you live in the Northern States. Please take this into consideration, if you are away from your normal residency.

Try the right hand left hand rule. Usually fingers and knuckles will be slightly larger on one hand, your working or writing hand. So take this into consideration along with your climate when measuring.




  • We offer two sizes in all our bracelets. Entre, and Main. The Entre is made from the smaller handle and the Main from the larger.
  • Please refer to the below guide on how to measure your wrist, before choosing your size.
  • The aim here is to get your mm size so you can order the closest sizing for you, Entre or Main.
  • General rule is, if your wrist is 175mm or smaller you will choose the Entre size, If it is over 175mm-200mm you will choose the Main.

TIP; You know how firm or loose you like to wear bracelets , so allow room for this when measuring your wrist. 

STEP ONE: Measure wrist to get mm, use paper or string and mark at the join if you don't have a tape measure.

STEP TWO: Measure the paper or string with a ruler. This is your wrist in mm.

STEP THREE: Order Entre size or Main according to your measurements. If you are unsure you are welcome to contact us. We are also happy to custom make a piece for you. 







  •  We use silverware knifes to make our bangles so they are available in ONE size and the measurements are written in the product description. 
  • You know how firm or loose you like to wear a bangle so keep this in mind when checking your own measurements.

TIP; to slide a bangle on and off easily, place cream around your hand before putting on or removing.

STEP ONE: Hold your hand as if you were putting on a bangle. Bring all of your fingers together with your thumb and little finger touching.

STEP TWO: Measure around the hand at the widest point with a tape measure or a strip of paper. Be sure to pull the paper or tape measure snug against your skin. Mark the paper with a pen and measure it with a ruler. This measurement is the circumference of your hand.

STEP THREE: Order a bangle according to your measurements.




The cuffs are able to be adjusted however for the best sizing guide please take the time to read on and measure to get your mm. 

STEP ONE: Measure your arm or just above the wrist with a tape measure or strip of paper or string to where you will prefer to wear your cuff.

STEP TWO: Mark the paper with a pen and measure this against a ruler to get your mm. 

STEP THREE: Order a cuff according to your measurements. 



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